Eirini Christinaki

Eirini Christinaki

I. Roles-Positions-Professional Experience and Competencies

Professor of Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Criminal Law. Member of the Senate (2006-2009). Eight year academic experience in teaching, tutoring, academic administration and participation to various development project.
  • a)     Lectures on the fields of:
  • Social Theology- Entrepreneurship & Ecclesiastical Management
  • Mental Health Promotion, Religion, Ethics. 
  • Ecclesiastical Criminal Law 
  • Comparative Law (of Religions)
  • Ecclesiastical Family Law and Equality of Genders
  • Canon Law
        b) Participation to Research Programmes.
  • Attorney-at-law: highly experienced attorney-at-law with vast advisory and litigation track record. Legal advisor to banks, corporations, public entities and church institutions, Legal Advisor to the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Greece,  rendering legal opinions  on canon law, public law issues and investments.
a)  Lawyer (since 1992).                  
Most important clients:
  • MDT (GR), Legal Consultant (since 2013) Corporate, Commercial Contracts, Tenders, Labor, Due diligence, Co-ordination of 3P legal Services, as long as Quality, EHS, and also since 2017 Legal and Compliance Counseling and Support.
  • EFG Εurobank Ergasias Bank, External lawyer (1999-2009) Due diligence residential, commercial and industrial properties Due diligence in authorization of legal entities
  • Aspis Real Estate Syntagma Branch, External lawyer (2007- 2010, 2012- 2013) Senior Counsel, Legal support, Property Acquisition contracts, franchising agreements
  • Holy Synod of the Church of Greece, External lawyer (since 2006) Drafting of legal opinions (establishment of churches, foundations of social character, business units) real estate employment law matters) Litigation [More than 360 Legal Opinions]


Law Office of G. Vagianos and Professor Sp. Troianos Traineeship. Commercial law matters (Trademarks - patents- intellectual property – unfair competition). 

Professional Experience:  Commercial and Civil disputes at all levels of the local judicial system, from the lower courts to Supreme Court in matters stemming from  all types of commercial agreements, especially leases, shareholders agreements acquisition-related issues,  construction agreements, employment related matters. Litigation for recovery of claims in all phases of procedure, including enforcement procedures. Extensive experience in running and drafting due diligence for complex real estate and construction projects as well as handling major real estate acquisition and disposal projects. Drafting of several types of commercial agreements including construction contracts, development management, facility management agreements, leasing contracts, Service Level Agreements, as well as employment contracts. Legal support to all types of companies, drafting of minutes of the Board of Directors and general meetings. Quality, Regulatory, EHS, and Compliance consultancy. Trademarks. Legal support to both employees and employers, Law suits in relation to employment contracts. Administrative law disputes, Protection of ownership and possession of property of public law entities, property of church, State liability, public procurement issues, Criminal liability of state employees, members of boards, employment law criminal liability, zoning law violations, church criminal law, family violence. Corporate, Commercial, Public Tender legal support. In House coordination of outsourced legal services.

Competencies: Communication and organizational skills, time management and achievement of high efficiency under pressure, global knowledge of law in different areas, drafting skills of litigation document and contracts from scratch with legal accuracy, adjustment skills in demanding environments, team spirit.

II . Current Professional Interests

  • Legal Counsel in a Multinational Corporate Environment 
  • Quality and EHS Specialist in Distribution of Medical Devices 
  • Legal and Compliance Support in Familiarisation with MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice.
  • Contribution in linking academic lecturing and research with Educational Welfare  Initiatives of Greek, European  and International Non-Profitable Organisations and of the Churches (pro bono).

III. Academic- related Accomplishments

  • Senator in the General Assembly of the University of Athens (2007)
  • General Supervisor, Coordinator of the Department Committee and author of the Official Report submitted to and approved by “The Hellenic Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education” of Hellenic Republic, within the framework of the First Internal Evaluation of Greek Universities (2009).
  • Designer of the output, detailed schedule, legal framework of the one of its kind for Greek standards Postgraduate Programme to be held outside Greece (Cyprus). Leading coordination between the Ministry of National Education and Religions, the Special Account for the Research of the University of Athens, the Chairman of the Social Theology Department and the Special Committee for the Foundation of the Programme, the authorities of the Senate and fund raisers. The Programme had been approved by the Minister of Education on 2009, however it was cancelled for financing reasons.
  • Students’ tutoring in matters of education, career guidance and professional development (assigned by the General Assembly of the Department).
  • Member of the European Programme “Compliance of Postgraduate Programmes with EU Directives”.
  • Member of the Programme “Application of New Technologies on the research on Canon Law Sources” situated in the University of Athens.
  • Euresis-net: Launching proposals in relation to the postgraduate programme “European Studies on Religion and State Interaction” situated in the University of Thessalonica (contributing to provide to the European Union information relevant to religious education and studies in Greece). Proposals aimed to reinforce the ideal of tolerance coupled with a positive attitude towards identity.
  • Co-ordinator on “Entrepreneurship and Church Management” part of the “Program for encouraging business activities, innovative applications and elective courses for students”  situated in Athens  University of Economics (Supervisor of Researchers and Teacher).
  • Commentary of “The Statutes of the Orthodox Church of Czech Republic and Slovakia” in collaboration with the University of Presov.
  • “Family Law and Equality of Genders” part of the Programme “Gender and Equality” of ten Dep. of the University of Athens (Researcher and Teacher).
  • Legal drafting of the Statutes of many Associations of Undergraduate Students, Postgraduate Students, Alumni of Colleges and University Departments.
  • Member of Organizational Committees in various conferences, seminars, events.
  • In recognition of the professional and volunteer work I was honoured with the Hellenic Litterateurs’ Award “for the Integrity, Honesty and Contribution to Society”.
  • Member of the Scientific Committee in the Bulletin of the University of Arad (Teologia, Arad).
  • Member of the Scientific Committee in the Bulletin of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece (Theologia, Athens).
  • Member of the Scientific and Publishing Board of the Series of Canon Law Research works under the title Nomokanonika Analekta (Publ.Grigoris, Athens).

IV.  Membership in Professional, Scientific and Voluntary Associations

  • Member of the Athens Bar Association since 1992.
  • General Secretary (2011 -2017) of the Society for the Law of the Eastern Churches(Vienna), member of the Board since 2007 (Special Secretary) Responsible  for external affairs - conference organization- evaluation of research.
  • General Secretary (since 2012) of the European Institute of Geopolitics.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Academy for Mental Health Promotion(Athens) since 2009.
  • Member of the Hellenic Society of Victimology, branch of the International Society of Victimology since 1990. Pro Bono legal and psychological support to victims of family violence and abuse

V.  Academic background

  • Law Degree [Faculty of Law-University of Athens] 1990.
  • Social Theology Degree [Faculty of Theology - University of Athens, 2000.
  • Master of Canon Law Degree [Social Theology Department, Faculty of Theology, University of Athens], 2002.
  • PhD of Theology [Social Theology Department, University of Athens] (Research on Canon Law and History of Law), 2004.
  • Certificate of participation to European Postgraduate Programme of Mental Health Promotion:“Training of the Health Professionals and of Community Agents on theAcquisition and Development of psycho-social skills: Epictetus Educations of Trainers”. Collaborating sectors: Psychiatric Clinic of Athens University, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College, University of London, (E.T.H.I.C.S), London, 2006.
  • Certificate of participation European Postgraduate Programme of Mental Health Promotion: “Mental Health Promotion and D.P.Q. (Dysfunctional Preconceptions’ Questionnaire)”. Collaborating sectors: A΄ and B΄ Psychiatric Clinics of Athens University, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College, University of London, E.T.H.I.C.S, London, Dep. of Child-Psychiatry of Athens University, G.H. “Agia Sofia”, 2007.

VI. Languages 

  • Modern Greek: Native  language. 
  • Ancient and Medieval Greek: Vast Knowledge.
  • English: Fluent.
  • French: Good knowledge.
  • German: Basic knowledge.
VΙI. General Interests - Hobbies
  • Social work and Charity.
  • Global History and Literature.
  • Travelling.