Eirini Christinaki


About Me

Since 1993 I exercise the legal profession, which gradually coupled with academic research, following a highly sophisticated area of knowledge, which combines law and theology cultivated on a solid ground of diverse aspects of humanitarian culture.
My experience as a legal counsel in particular segments of civil, business and public law, extended equally with my academic research and teaching of Canon Law & Church Criminal Law in the University of Athens.
The combination of the above, alongside my developmental postgraduate training in Mental Health Promotion, led my to become what I always wanted to be: A competent problem solver.

My clients can speak for the communication and organizational skills, the time management and achievement of high efficiency under pressure, global knowledge of law in different areas, and a really outstanding style in negotiation, with excellent results.
My colleagues which I have collaborated with, either as a legal counsel or as an academic canonist, can speak for the competency, responsibility, capability in handling complicated cases, drafting skills of litigation document and contracts with legal accuracy, adjustment skills in demanding environments, team spirit, reliability.
My scholar students can speak for my dedication to them.